Article of the Week: How to Use Popular Music to Teach ESL

Hello Everyone!   Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.    Talking about love, one of the things I love besides teaching is music.    I use music in my ESL classes, either as a background when students are working or as a resource to teach a particular language feature; and why not just for my students to have fun.    When I teach very young learners, I love to use songs that are related to the lesson I am teaching, which are short, have a catchy rhythm and easy lyrics.   I use them as a warm up or as a closing activity.   The songs I use with my olders learners, besides being used as a warm up or wrap up activity, will be use to teach specific grammar structure, vocabulary and I will try to incorporate the four language skills in the activity.   I also give my students the opportunity to select a song they would like to learn in English, just a a song they like from the radio.   I just make sure that the song lyrics are appropriate for my students.
This week, I would like to share an article on How to Use Popular Music to Teach ESL from

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Collaborative Project Invitation

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I hope you are having a terrific Monday.   A friend of mine from Spain has started a great project and I would like you to join us.  Inma Alcazar, my friend from Spain, would like to invite to participate with a creative activity – or more, if you have time – to use songs in the English class. She has created a powerpoint presentation in Googledocs so that any teacher from all around the world can edit it and collaborate together to improve our practice. Click on the image to go to the doc:




So if you have used songs as part of your class and would like to share a successful activity, please feel free to visit the link above and share.


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