Printable of the Week: School Signs

Hello There!

I bet you are saying TGIF!  Yay!    I am also looking forward to the weekend, especially because here it will be a Holiday, so we have three days off instead of just two.  Nevertheless, I know that for teachers we are hardly off from work, because we are always preparing classes, looking for materials or just grading papers, well, ces’t la vie!   I love teaching, even if long weekends mean more work.  Bring it on!

This week I would like to share some cute school and classroom signs.  These signs have wonderful messages and are the cutest ever!   I also encourage you to tour the blog itself called “Technology Rocks seriously”, because there is a printable section that looks quite interesting.

So whether you have a long or a short weekend, just enjoy it to the max!   By some color ink and print your favorite signs!

See you around!


Project of the Week: Box of Crayons Display

Happy Thursday!

The week is almost over and the English week is around the corner.  I am working with my students in different things to celebrate the English week.   I have also decided to have a school theme that revolves around “Making life colorful.  Here is a display of a Box of Crayons that my students and I are creating to decorate their classrooms.

Hope you find the idea useful.

Have a great Friday!


Our Welcome-back-to-school Bulletin Board

Hello There,

Yesterday I shared some pictures and links for those of you who are looking for bulletin board ideas.  Here I am sharing  one of our bulletin boards.   Thanks to the teachers Elsy, Rubiela and Leonidas for their help, what a wonderful team of teachers :)



This is a close-up of the puzzle pieces with our names (there is still one more teacher to join our team) and the different grades we teach:

Way to go guys!   We are going to make another bulletin board that includes certain classroom commands.  I will be uploading the pictures next week.

Enjoy your weekend!


Idea of the Week: Welcome Back to school Bulletin Boards

Hello Again!
   I am sure that everybody is getting ready for the new school year: planning, organizing and working on new materials, and preparing your welcome-back-to-school bulletin board.  
    This year, I am lucky to be at a school that has a fairly decent English classroom, that all the English teachers share.   The wonderful thing is that we are working together to create an inviting learning environment for our students, and we are planning to carry out some raise funding activities to buy all the things that we need.   For starters, my colleagues and I will be working on the bulletin board and getting things organized there.   As I was looking for ideas for the welcome-back-to-school bulletin board, I found beautiful and very creative BBs.   So, I said to myself, I had to share some of them with you.   I still haven’t made up my mind on what BB I will choose, however I am inclined to select the BB about the Puzzle.  Well… I will take a picture of it, and you can judge for yourself :).

Hope you find the pictures inspiring (they definitely inspired me :)

(Click on the image to read how to create this BB).

Another idea:
  (As I know many of you have not a single group, but several groups, I would recommend instead of writing names, you can write the different levels that you will be teaching or all the levels in the school  (if you are working in a single bulletin board created by all the English teachers).  You can find more bulletin ideas here.

 There are also an awesome bulletin boards here

That’s all for today (well, unless I find something intersting :)

Have a great school year :)








Website of the Week: Bulletin Board Ideas

Hello There!

   As I am working on updating my bulletin board, I was looking for ideas and found this terrific site:  

The ideas there are just amazing.  The bulletin boards are organized per grade, holiday, months,and seasons.  I strongly encourage you to pay a visit, and be inspired :)

Have a wonderful week!

Teaching Idea of the Week: Out of this world Door Display

Hello Everyone!

    I am really glad to see that my blog was able to get more than 1,000 visits this week, since the blog creation.   That’s really amazing.  I feel blessed of having the opportunity to share things I found on the web and my own teaching ideas with other teachers.  Talking about that, this week I would like to share with you the classroom door display that I created with my students.  

I recycled the blue background that I have used for an ocean theme door display.  My students colored the astronauts and wrote their names on them.  They also helped me with the stars, planets and rockets.

I used this images to create this door display:

Boy Astronaut:

Girl Astronaut

Carson Dellosa Star:

And different rockets images.

Hope you find the idea interesting, and that you let your students know that they are out of this world :)

Have a great week!