Idea of the Week: Welcome Back to school Bulletin Boards

Hello Again!
   I am sure that everybody is getting ready for the new school year: planning, organizing and working on new materials, and preparing your welcome-back-to-school bulletin board.  
    This year, I am lucky to be at a school that has a fairly decent English classroom, that all the English teachers share.   The wonderful thing is that we are working together to create an inviting learning environment for our students, and we are planning to carry out some raise funding activities to buy all the things that we need.   For starters, my colleagues and I will be working on the bulletin board and getting things organized there.   As I was looking for ideas for the welcome-back-to-school bulletin board, I found beautiful and very creative BBs.   So, I said to myself, I had to share some of them with you.   I still haven’t made up my mind on what BB I will choose, however I am inclined to select the BB about the Puzzle.  Well… I will take a picture of it, and you can judge for yourself :).

Hope you find the pictures inspiring (they definitely inspired me :)

(Click on the image to read how to create this BB).

Another idea:
  (As I know many of you have not a single group, but several groups, I would recommend instead of writing names, you can write the different levels that you will be teaching or all the levels in the school  (if you are working in a single bulletin board created by all the English teachers).  You can find more bulletin ideas here.

 There are also an awesome bulletin boards here

That’s all for today (well, unless I find something intersting :)

Have a great school year :)








2 thoughts on “Idea of the Week: Welcome Back to school Bulletin Boards

  1. i love your board idea my question is where can i order ideas like this one?

  2. Hello Lavaukea,
    Thanks for your comment. I know that you can order ready-to-display bulletin boards in websites such as:
    However, as I leave far away from the city where I can buy Bulletin boards like those, I generally do them myself (using foam, construction paper, fabric or paper, etc).
    Hope the info is useful.
    Best regards,

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