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helloworldHello World!   It’s been about two years since the last time I shared something, and some colleagues have asked me to post things on my blog again.  I am giving it a try, and I paid a month membership to see how things go.  I need your visits and your feedback to keep this blog alive.  Please, write your comment and let me know what things would you like to have in the blog.  Well, working hard right now, publishing some things later.   Bye, bye!

Free Printable of the Week: ABC Paper Bag Puppets

Hello Again!

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day.   Here it is rainy, but the temperature is quite nice.   As I was looking for paper bag puppet patterns, I found out this cute set of puppet patterns.   I am sure you are going to love it.   I am teaching my “on the Farm” theme, and I found some that would be perfect for that unit.


Hope you like them as much as I do.


Have a great week!



Teaching Materials of the Week: Farm Animals

Hello There!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!   I will be teaching Farm Animals to my Kindergarten group this coming week, and I just found great printables, crafts, and lots of ideas.

1. Farm Printable Pack (2o pages) created by Beth from 123homeschool4me.


a.  Peak-a-boo Barn Craft

3. Farm Unit resources and ideas

4. Down on the Farm Complete Unit for Language Learners

5. Another Farm Unit for more ideas.

6. Favorite Animal Graph.

7. Meet the Farm Animals Unit for more advanced ESL learners.

8.  Ideas, ideas, and more ideas for teaching a Farm Theme.


I hope you find the resources helpful.  If you have any great resource that you have used when teaching the Farm Animals, please feel free to share it in the comment section below.


Have a great week!


Teaching Idea of the Week: Weather Lesson

Hello Dear Teachers,

This week I have to teach the weather to my Kindergarten students.     I have taught that lesson several times, but I always try to look for new ideas.   Here are some useful links and ideas for you.

Flip book

Lesson ideas and materials


What’s the weather explanation and song by Dr. Joan Kang Shin

Weather Wheel Craft

What I also did was to make a cardboard TV, weather cut outs with foam and a foam microphone.   I pretended to be a weather reporter and interviewed the kids about the weather in different parts of the country.

With my older students, I give them a calendar at the beginning of each month, and as a classroom routine they have to draw the weather and answer the question: How is the weather today?  It is a good way to practice the weather, the days of the week, and the months of the year throughout the year.

Here is a wonderful website that provides some free cute calendars.


Hope you find the links and materials useful.


Enjoy the week!



Blog of the Week: A, Bee, C, Preschool

Hello There!

Getting ready for the next week of classes?   I know that in many countries you are on Summer vacations already.  Enjoy them!   However, here in Panama, the school year is only half way.   As I was looking for materials to teach numbers to my Kindergarten students, I found A, Bee, C, Preschool.    A blog with lots of ideas and materials for making preschool/Kindergarten classes lively and engaging.


If you teach preschool or Kindergarten, please feel free to share the blogs you use in the comment section below.

Have a great week!


Teaching Ideas/Materials of the week: Brown Bear, Brown Bear…

Hello There,

I have just started working again, and as a part of my Color theme, I am using Brown Bear, Brown bear by Eric Carle.  My students are just loving it, and they already can say it aloud.   Here are some useful links:

A Brown Bear Book Box

Materials in PDF


Hope your students love the story as much as mine.

Take care!



Blog of the Week: Learning Adventures with Mrs. Gerlach

Hi There!

May is gone already!   Time really flies, doesn’t it?    Before the month ends, I would like to share with you a great blog and this particular link has very creative classroom management ideas for young learners.  I am definitely going to use a couple of them with my Kindergarten groups.   It is time to use some magic!!!

What classroom management strategies have worked for you?


Have a superb weekend!

Website of the Week: howjsay.com


As an EFL non-native teacher I always thought that my pronunciation was quite good.   Unfortunately, when I came to Boston I realized that there were some words that even though I pronounce the sounds correctly, the stress/intonation is kind of off.   Now, I feel the need to make sure I pronounce words better, and I am always looking for web tools to help me with that.   By chance, I found an article called:

12 words you might be mispronouncing

And thanks to this article I found howjsay.com    What I like about Howjsay is that besides regular words you may find in a dictionary, you will also find proper names of places, that normally are not found in other online dictionaries.

I hope this website is as useful for you, if you are a non-native teacher of English, as well as for your ESL/EFL students.

That’s all for now!